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About us.

LPGSupermarket is a shop window for minyLPG Ltd. mintLPG Ltd are a long established supplier of LPG components within the UK. Traditionally we have concentrated on high quality Romano kits but have recently introduced budget kit by Ultra-Gas but using the highly regarded AEB ECUs.

Tel: 01633 894070


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Romano AIS 4 cylinder front End Kit £300
Romano AIS 4 cylinder Complete with any Tank upto 60L £450
Romano AIS 6 cylinder front End Kit
(Currently using RISN ECU)
Romano AIS 6 cylinder Complete with any Tank upto 80L
(Currently using RISN ECU)
Romano AIS 8 cylinder front End Ki
(Currently using RISN ECU)t
Romano AIS 8 cylinder Complete with any Tank upto 95L
(Currently using RISN ECU)
Romano AIS 10 cylinder front End Kit (AEB) £650

All prices exclude VAT & shipping.

Our "Buy 10 and get one Free" bonus scheme applies to these kits.

Romano AIS

Introducing the new Romano ECU, "Antonio".... The new Romano Integrated AIS kits have an upgraded ECU; the Antonio ECU is a very new concept in ECU design – no other ECU in the market can offer so many options and features, for example:
  1. The power relay is external to allow easy replacement without changing the ECU;

  2. The ECU makes full use of OBD connectivity to accurately control the fuelling continually;

  3. The ECU has the facility to clear engine management light;

  4. The ECU constantly monitors the LPG system for diagnostic errors, this function provides a comprehensive list of faults along with suggested cause & solution;

  5. The ECU injector sequence can be varied to help vehicles with transmission difficulties;

  6. The ECU petrol injector cut wires are polarity self-sensing, assisting the speed and accuracy of fitting;

  7. The ECU has inbuilt emulators for petrol rail pressure issues;

  8. The ECU allows for petrol addition

  9. The Software contains manuals & wiring diagrams for accurate installation, this includes configurations for a large number of vehicles already converted with AIS by Romano;

  10. The Driver’s Manual can be printed directly from the software;

  11. Compatible with existing computer lead. Further key practical advantages for installers include:

  12. The wire harnesses are fitted with connectors (see picture ) which only need to be plugged in – making installation time faster;

  13. The wire harnesses are complete with Multivalve Loom & Level Sensor Loom which are longer than standard ones


About Romano

The Romano Autogas Group is the 3rd largest LPG equipment manufacturer in Italy and remains a global family business with a strong emphasis on engineering and technical development.

Romano Autogas is now in a very unique situation of being the only LPG equipment manufacturer to produce, in their factories in Italy, the whole range of products that comprise a fully integrated “Complete Kit” . They continue to be innovative in their design and production of their components making small but significant improvements both to aid the installer and the end-user. Romano has a proven track history for quality and reliability. The company has well established relationships with several European car manufacturers providing further evidence of the quality and technological superiority of their products.

The key advantages of this unique situation are:

  • 1. Recognised Quality Assurance Systems in place throughout the group ensure continued high quality & consistency across the full range of products;
  • 2. Full control of design & development enabling quicker advances in technology & improvements in design features;
  • 3. Improved cost control enabling a new & very competitive pricing structure.
  • The Romano Autogas Group now has 3 Divisions located across Italy:

  • The original LPG components factory in Naples;
  • A new factory facility in Northern Italy where the Romano ECUs are designed & manufactured;
  • A new acquisition of a Tank Factory near Milan.