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Terms and conditions

Please read through the following T&C's carefully, if you have any questions please don't hesitate to call, mintLPG is keen to explain any query so that you feel completely informed in a clear and non-technical manner.


the details..


Prices quoted usually include VAT unless otherwise stated. Customers must pay a £120 deposit upon booking, which is taken as acceptance of mintLPG's terms and conditions. Full payment must be made before the vehicle is released back to the customer.


Before your vehicle can be converted, it has to be in good working order. Any minor faults involving petrol can show up as major problems when using LPG. Particular attention should be paid to the spark plugs and ignition system which can have a shorter life when on LPG. Any additional work will be charged for at normal garage rates.
A few engines are prone to higher levels of valve wear than others. If mintLPG is aware of a problem with your vehicle, our technicians will advise you and take action to resolve the issue. This could involve fitting a valve lubrication kit, at additional cost, or setting the vehicle to use petrol in some conditions.
Some exhaust systems are prone to damaging the catalytic converter but this issue can also be overcome - we will advise.


While the LPG components carry a two year warranty against faulty manufacture and installation, mintLPG Ltd and its affiliates do not accept any liability for damage to a vehicle due to it running on LPG. This includes valve and valve seat wear and exhaust system malfunction.If the vehicle breaks down, it is the owner's responsibility to return the vehicle to the installer.

The warranty does not cover malfunction caused by 'dirty' gas or damage caused by incorrect coolant and may be invalidated by not following the advised service schedule.


Your LPG conversion will come with some LPG. Any additional fuel (petrol or LPG) required for testing and fault finding is at the customers expense. Costs incurred in returning vehicles to us will not be reinbused. Courtesy cars are offered free of charge but fuel costs will need to be paid, a mileage charge is the normal method.


While we strive to provide high quality customer service in accordance with the UKLPG guidelines, very rarely disputes do arise. In these cases the UKLPG dispute procedure will apply.

Additional legal information regarding use of this website and its contents an be found here.

the Expertise...
Open & honest advice based on 40 years Engineering Experience
We are the leading Training School within the UKLPG Approved Installer Scheme
We have trained many of the installers in the UK
We have been importing directly from our manufacturers for well over 10 years
We are a long-established UK wide trade supplier with an excellent record of reliability and customer service
Professional Fully Qualified Mechanical Engineers
Full Members of UKLPG
We always go the extra mile for our customers