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Your Pocket..

With petrol prices rocketing in recent years, you can slash your car’s running costs by switching to LPG. Browse through the info below before finding out what’s involved.

In addition to cost benefits check out how the environment can benefit too.


Here’s how you can save cash..

  • LPG costs around half the price of petrol so a vehicle using LPG fuel is between 40 and 50 per cent cheaper to run than one using conventional fuels like petrol and diesel. Check out our new range of conversions.
  • The low fuel duty on LPG has been frozen for the foreseeable future.
  • You will start saving straight away and you will recoup the cost of your LPG conversion within one to two years though high mileage vehicles, including taxis, should reap rewards after just three months. We have one taxi customer who has done over 200.000 mile on a Romano system and has saved enough to buy a new car!!
  • Your maintenance costs should also drop as engines tend to run smoother on LPG. This could increase the life of your engine and other key components.
  • You can expect to receive a higher resale value for your vehicle - particularly if you own one with a large engine such as a Range Rover.
  • Insurance companies often offer discounts on premiums.
  • Some local councils provide discounted parking spaces for LPG vehicles.
  • Reduced Road Fund Taxation is possible.

And remember your environment..

For more details about how mintLPG can help cut your motoring costs and save the planet, call 01633 894073 or fill in the online enquiry form.

the Expertise...
Open & honest advice based on 40 years Engineering Experience
We are the leading Training School within the UKLPG Approved Installer Scheme
We have trained many of the installers in the UK
We have been importing directly from our manufacturers for well over 10 years
We are a long-established UK wide trade supplier with an excellent record of reliability and customer service
Professional Fully Qualified Mechanical Engineers
Full Members of UKLPG
We always go the extra mile for our customers