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Gas conversion by mintLPG

With 40 years' expertise, we're the brand to rely on for prime quality, cost-effective Gas conversions to make your cars dual fuel. Get a Gas Conversion, you will save big money and conserve the environment. Repay period is frequently under twelve months.. Savings Calculator

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The UK’s foremost LP Gas conversion and installation professionals.

We've got approved installation centres throughout the UK along with a comprehensive network of LP Gas installers.

mintLPG is also the top supplier of UKLPG approved Autogas conversion training course.

Changing to LP Gas is great for your wallet and the planet. Available nowadays at in excess of 1,500 lpg stations countrywide, LP Gas costs half the cost of petrol and is also better to the environment. Find out more about the benefits. . Additionally, it can help your motor run more effortlessly - as well as for longer. Is your car compatible? Gas conversions might take only a day to perform and definitely will give you economic benefits for many years.

Please browse our web site to learn more about LPG Gas Conversion as well as the top notch service we offer.You can call us on 01633 894073 or complete the online enquiry form.

A simple overview.

Autogas An Alternative Fuel.

Although Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) sometimes known as LP Gas or Autogas when used for a road fuel is actually a fossil fuel, it's less costly to buy than either Petrol or Diesel. The reason being of much less tax plus the UK Government wish to encourage the use of LP Gas due to its environmental advantages. Consequently only tiny amount of tax is levied on LP Gas in comparison to Petrol and Diesel. Thus giving us a different road fuel which is often half price in contrast to petrol. The main benefit of LP Gas, is it can save you at least 40% of the money you accustomed to expend on petrol.
Finding a LP Gas filling station is simple nowadays, you will find a minimum of 1500 stations selling LP Gas throughout the UK. Details are easily obtainable on the web and there are numerous maps readily available.

A brief history.....

Auto Gas conversion of cars in the UK started due to the Petrol shortages of The second world war. Cars, Vans and essential vehicles for instance Ambulances were changed to operate on Town Gas. The Gas was transported in substantial bags attached to the roof. Whilst the united kingdom returned to using Petrol once the War ended and supplies were restored, Holland and Italy continued to build up alternatives. For this reason most LP Gas equipment utilized in UK is manufactured and imported from each of those Countries.

The LP Gas Conversion. ...

Nearly every LP Gas Conversion or Autogas conversion is on the 'dual fuel' system, that's petrol function is kept providing you with the option of which fuel to utilize. An Autogas or LP Gas tank is added usually within the spare wheel well or perhaps in the boot space. This lack of space is definitely the only disadvantage to LP Gas conversions. MOTs and servicing aren't impacted by the alterations. Insurance costs remain the same although your insurance provider will most likely require that the vehicle is put on the UKLPG register.
Virtually all Petrol engines may be converted, which includes Turbocharged or Supercharged motors and Autogas LP Gas kits for quite a few direct injection cars are already developed. There's a really small range of car we recommend against converting. Kits have become readily available for Diesel engines. Nowadays 99% of vehicles are converted using Sequential Vapour Injection Systems, this removes all of the old troubles like backfires. Only early carburetor engines are converted using the old 'Mixer' systems.

Autogas LP Gas Safety.

LP Gas is less dangerous than petrol since it is kept in sealed steel tanks in comparison to the plastic tanks of petrol. LP Gas bulk tanks are permitted above ground while all Petrol bulk tanks have to be below ground!!! All systems and components must comply with the eu 67R01 standards. If LP Gas was the traditional fuel and Petrol the revolutionary alternative fuel petrol might be considered dangerous!!

Having your vehicle Converted

mintLPG has all of the skills to transform your vehicle with the most suitable components. All jobs are completed in accordance with the UKLPG Code of Practice and also the vehicle data is entered on the online register to fulfill your insurance provider needs. A normal 2 years warranty is applicable to all of our Autogas conversions.

The distance your vehicle has covered before conversion isn't any problem if it's high, so long as the engine is in good operating order. Emissions and compression will likely be examined pre and post gas conversion. The ignition system needs to be in good shape, LP Gas puts extra stress on ignition parts and some times these parts may require changing. Because a few of the components have got a bedding in period we like to view the car after about a 1000 miles for your free check .

In normal driving no decrease in overall performance ought to be encountered. Although a tiny power loss does occur at quite high revs, this really is only noticeable when driven very, very hard. We've successfully converted powerful and rally cars. If the vehicle has cruise control it works exactly the same on gas as will all of the functions on the cars computers.

Autogas LPG Gas Conversion Grants

In the past there were a government grant readily available for LP Gas conversions. It is no more the situation however, there are other benefits. The primary benefit is felt at the pumps. At this time LP Gas cars are exempt on the London Congestion charges - they should be registered for this with TFL. This exemption is due to change check with TFL. There's a decrease in excise duty for LP Gas vehicle consult with the DVLA. Some councils offer parking benefits.

DIY conversion

Keen DIYer could possibly be thinking about doing there own Autogas conversions. This is simply not encouraged although we are able to offer a modified LP Gas Training program where one can fit your own at our premises.

Fuel Economy on Autogas LPG Gas

LP Gas has a little bit less energy (15%) compared to a similar volume of Petrol. As result, with the LP Gas conversion you'll get slightly less (15 - 20%) mpg or kpl. This combined with low prices means motoring with at least 40% savings on fuel. Please be aware that prices at the pumps varies quite a bit, if you check around for a good price the savings can be 50%. Your LP Gas conversion will save you lots.

Day to Day Operation ....

Once the fuel change over switch is in the gas position the engine starts from cold on Petrol, and just switched onto gas once it heats up . When the engine is hot there's a change over delay of approximately Thirty seconds. Should you use up all your LP Gas the engine automatically changes to Petrol and issues a audible alert. It is advisable to maintain the petrol no less than 1 / 4 full, running out of petrol and running on gas can harm the petrol pump.

Filling with LPG or LP Gas is a little slower than petrol even though it can bring a smile to your face when you pay!! The pump will automatically stop once the tank has reached the full level. (Tanks are never filled more than 80% full). Download User Manual.

Going abroad........

LP Gas (GPL or Autogas) is more widely available in the rest of Europe although the filling guns vary. You will need 2 addition adapter ( we have them in stock) to fill up your LP Gas conversion abroad. Because of confusion over licensing the Channel Tunnel does not take LP Gas converted cars unlike all ferries. Some continental underground car parks have a ban on vehicles that have LP Gas conversions.


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