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Britain's beleaguered motorists should brace themselves for long-term 'pain in the pumps' as fuel costs threaten to arrive at new record highs. After the cost of petrol edged back towards its highest amount of the year yesterday, the AA described the longer term of fuel prices as 'dread and uncertainty'. The strong pound required buying oil in bucks was cheaper and possessed 'shielded drivers and consumers from the worst of the market changes'. LPG is a greener cleaner and inexpensive fuel for vehicles. You can save up to 40% on your petrol costs and make a roi of over 100%.

LPG is really a organic hydrocarbon fuel comprised of propane and butane, and is a plentiful by-product of the gas and oil industries. Additionally, it has got the property of turning from gas to liquid if moderately pressurized, meaning it can be easily stored as a liquid and turned into gas merely by relieving the pressure. Furthermore, as it's 250 times denser as a liquid, a lot can be held in a comparatively small container. LPG was first discovered in Pittsburgh USA by a Dr Walter Snellings because of a complaint. The complainant asserted when a gallon of petrol was purchased it was virtually half a gallon when he started using it. Dr Snellings started to investigate. He discovered the evaporating vapours were propane, butane and other hydrocarbons

Autogas cars emit less Carbon dioxide greenhouse gas pollution than petrol cars. The average reducing of tailpipe emissions is about 10% however because LPG is a by-product an additional 10% saving is reached. LPG offers substantial enhancements on exhaust pollution in comparison with even the cleanest of diesels where particles (PM10 and PM25) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) will always be a real problem. This ought to be considered a leading issue since it has been estimated that over 24,000 people die prematurely in the UK every year because of this pollution. LPG delivers around 80% lower NOx emissions.

Over the last years, the know-how of car-electronics and of petrol powered engines have changed at high-speed. Modern petrol engines are equipped with a sequential multipoint petrol-injection system that operates together via a CAN-bus system using the electronics of the car.The solution of Romano to these technical changes is the Romano RISN system. It is a high-tech multipoint sequential in-line LPG injection system. The unit has been developed by Romano throughout a Six year interval.The RISN system ensures ideal engine performance and a consistent low emissions reading, in combination with a very advantageous price. The newest Romano injection system is one of the few kits currently that you can buy that is capable of connect without having issues with the computers of the EURO-4 engines. Definite innovation would be the new quiet LPG-injectors.

Where can I get my car converted? It's strongly advised that you use an UKLPG approved installer so that the job is correctly handled. As in any specialized procedure, it is recommended to utilize an expert. With respect to the dimensions of the vehicle and also the type of system, LPG Conversion [' conversion lpg '] to LPG costs from about 900. Any UKLPG approved installer is going to be prepared to supply you with a no obligation quotation. Gas tanks come in a variety of sizes, and decrease in space can be kept to a minimum by installing a doughnut-shaped tank in the spare wheel well.

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'I travel extensively through my company, with the increase in the cost of oil, my fuel bills were getting out of hand and starting to limit my business. Having mintlpg convert my car has literally cut my fuel cost by half. Definitely worth it.'

'I had taken the step to get my BMW 6 series changed to LPG by mintLPG, The 4.5 ltr V8 Petrol Motor was doing 15mpg and that I could not manage to run it any longer. The guys put my thoughts at ease describing the process and reassured me the way it was the thing to do. Im now laughing when I fill my tank for half the price! I would definitely advise LPG and furthermore I would advise mintLPG to handle it out for you.'

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