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"cost of lpg conversions " is quite a common phrase when researching the LPG Conversion industry and has been used in the following text replacing "LPG".

The sharp fluctuations in petrol prices cause to stimulate public and private motorists into changing their fuel use, with those powered by Autogas which is liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) having tripled in the last three years. There was a constant rise in the number of taxi fleets converting to Autogas or LPG. In comparison to petrol, taxi drivers profess that they achieve bigger take-home wages daily if their cars are powered by LPG because it can be a cheaper option. A plethora of private drivers are having their cars changed to run on LPG and many businesses have their van fleets running on Autogas.

Chemically, LPG is a combination of two combustible gases called propane and butane they are both hydrocarbons like oil. Autogas is 80% propane and 20% butane in conjunction with small portions of other gases. Since LPG is generally odourless, small quantities of a pungent gas is included init to help people smell very dangerous gas leaks.

Global warming is one area that everybody understands nowadays, and that we can all do our bit to support. There are several alternative ideas to help save our planet, too numerous to list out here, but lets give attention to LPG. Converting your vehicle to LPG is certainly a good step forwards, in ecological and monetary terms. The massive quantity of Co2, nitrous oxides and particulates engines throw out is bad . 120 LPG run vehicles will produce the same amount of particulates as one similar diesel car . LPG emits less than 50 % the NOx of petrol and much less than one twentieth the NOx of diesel. LPG emits 17% to 20 % less CO2 .

Lets consider LPG kits, they all work! Front end systems can be classified by: country of manufacture; vapour or liquid injection; electronic control unit; type of injectors; make of vapouriser; cost. The back-end is usually categorized by: 4 hole or single hole; cylinder or toroidal. Already we have a bewildering variety of alternatives. If we classify based on country systems belong to one of three groups, Dutch, Italian and others (mainly eastern European) and conventional wisdom would have it that the quality descends in the same order. I've got no evidence that this myth holds true but believe it has developed from clever promotion prior to now from the Dutch manufacturers. When installed correctly on an average vehicle the difference in performance between Prins, BRC & Stag by way of example is un-measurerable.

Exactly how much will the LPG Conversion [' cost of lpg conversions '] cost me? It costs from about 900 for your car or a light-weight van depending on the quantity of cylinders in the motor.The expense will also vary according to the size of the LPG tank fitted. The greater the tank the higher the range between filling. Typically the mileage which might be traveled on a full tank of LPG is going to be less than on petrol so you may need to refill more regularly, however, you are going to be spending less each time. And, of course, the petrol tank will likely be left in place so petrol can be used as emergencies or by using the petrol the mileage range of the vehicle can be significantly enhanced.

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Following hearing problem reports about LPG Conversions [' cost of lpg conversions '] I have been very pleased with the LPG Conversion [' cost of lpg conversions '] that mintLPG carried out on my vehicle. The vehicle runs as smoothly as it did on petrol and understanding that the mintLPG garage network is so wide gives me peace of mind should something ever occur to the car'

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