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You have probably ended up on this page because you searched for "diesel lpg". This site is all about LPG Conversions so please follow one of the links above or go to our home page

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"diesel lpg " is quite a common phrase when researching the LPG Conversion industry and has been used in the following text replacing "LPG".

Britain's beleaguered drivers ought to steady themselves for long-term 'pain in the pumps' as petrol prices threaten to arrive at new record highs. After the price tag on fuel edged back towards its highest amount of the year yesterday, the AA described the future of fuel prices as 'dread and uncertainty'Ě. The strong pound required buying oil in dollars was cheaper and had 'shielded drivers and consumers from the worst of the market changes'. LPG can be a greener cleaner and inexpensive fuel for vehicles. You can save close to 40% on your fuel costs and make a roi of over 100%.

LPG is really a natural hydrocarbon gas made up of propane and butane, which is an abundant by-product from the oil and gas industries. Additionally, it has the property of turning from gas to liquid if moderately compressed, meaning it can be easily stored as being a liquid and turned into gas by means of relieving pressure. Furthermore, as it is 250 times denser as a liquid, a good deal may be stored in a relatively small container. LPG was initially discovered in Pittsburgh USA by a Dr Walter Snellings as a result of a complaint. The complainant asserted that every time a gallon of petrol was purchased it was virtually half a gallon by the time he started using it. Dr Snellings started investigate. He discovered the evaporating vapours were propane, butane along with hydrocarbons

Climate change is one area that everyone is aware of nowadays, and now we can all do our bit to assist. There are several alternative ideas towards saving the earth, too numerous to list here, but letís concentrate on LPG. Converting your vehicle to LPG is certainly a good step forwards, in ecological and financial terms. The massive amount of Co2, nitrous oxides and particulates engines throw out is bad . 120 LPG run vehicles will give off the same amount of particulates as one comparable diesel car . LPG emits less than 50 % the NOx of petrol and less than one twentieth the NOx of diesel. LPG emits 17% to 20 % less CO2 .

An LPG LPG Conversion [' diesel lpg '] involves the installing of a fuel tank. The toroidal, or doughnut shaped, tank is usually located in the spare wheel well though some cars need cylindrical shaped tanks, fitted in either an appropriate location in the load space or underneath the car, governed by space and height clearance from the road. Using pipes, the LPG fuel tank is connected along the underside of the automobile to the engine bay. The pipes are then attached to the motor. The main components will be the electronic control unit (ECU), vapouriser (which is connected to the hot water system) and fuel injectors produced by top rated producers. The vapouriser turns the LPG fuel from a liquid into a gas before going into the engine. The injectors are installed next to the petrol injectors. A small combined switch and LPG fuel gauge is fitted inside the vehicle, usually located on the dashboard. This is used to change between two fuels as well as indicates the LPG level.

UKLPG Approved Autogas Installers provide consumers with the assurance that they can undertake a LPG Conversion [' diesel lpg '] in a safe and adequate manner. UKLPG operates quality assurance spot inspections on customers' vehicles that have been converted, along with a full process of managing grievances.Approval for UKLPG Approved Autogas Installers (formerly the UKLPG Approved Installer Scheme) is operated by UKLPG and has been drafted in consultation with the Department for Transport. The scheme is the only such scheme given official government recognition.

What customers say:
'So far I can state that I can detect simply no difference in operation whether running on gas or petrol. It would be impossible to know which fuel youíre running on if it werenít for the gauge. Canít say much about dependability yet as itís only been in for a month, but have total confidence that the system fitted is of the highest standard. ď

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