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About "diesel to lpg conversion"

You have probably ended up on this page because you searched for "diesel to lpg conversion". This site is all about LPG Conversions so please follow one of the links above or go to our home page

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"diesel to lpg conversion " is quite a common phrase when researching the LPG Conversion industry and has been used in the following text replacing "LPG".

Britain's beleaguered drivers should brace themselves for long-term 'pain at the pumps' as fuel prices threaten to arrive at new record highs. After the money necessary petrol edged back towards its highest level of the year yesterday, the AA described the future of fuel prices as 'dread and uncertainty'. The strong pound required buying oil in bucks was cheaper and possessed 'shielded drivers and consumers from the worst of the sector changes'. LPG is a greener cleaner and cheaper fuel for vehicles. You can save close to 40% on your fuel costs and make a return on investment of over 100%.

An LPG Conversion [' diesel to lpg conversion '] works in exactly the same like a normal petrol engine, simply with a different fuel. Everything regarding your vehicle remains the same but an independent fuelling technique is added using its own tank, piping, ECU and injectors.

How come LPG an extraordinary energy. LPG is an exceptional source of energy due to its origin, benefits and its many applications and uses. Being a clean, lower carbon, efficient and innovative energy it provides benefits to consumers, industry and the environment. With immediate and global supply, ecological benefits, its a pure by-product . LPG plays a pivotal role in the transition towards a far more secure, environmentally friendly and competitive energy model. LPG is a clean-burning, ecological and efficient fuel along with a vital source of energy for hundreds of millions of people around the world today. LPG also shows reduced greenhouse gas emissions than petrol, diesel, when using energy-equivalent basis.

Over the last years, the technology of car-electronics and of petrol powered engines have changed at high speed. Contemporary petrol engines come with a sequential multipoint petrol-injection system that operates together via a CAN-bus system using the electronics of the car.The answer of Romano to these technical changes is the Romano RISN system. It is a high-tech multipoint sequential in-line LPG injection system. The system has been manufactured by Romano during a Six year interval.The RISN system guarantees optimal motor performance and a constant low emissions reading, in conjunction with a very advantageous price. The new Romano injection system is one of the few systems presently on the market which is able to connect without having problems with the computers on the EURO-4 engines. Definite innovation are the new quiet LPG-injectors.

UKLPG Approved Autogas Installers offer consumers with the assurance that they undertake a LPG Conversion [' diesel to lpg conversion '] in the safe and satisfactory manner. UKLPG operates quality assurance spot checks on customers' vehicles that have been converted, and a full process of dealing with complaints. The endorsement process was established in 1999, by the then UKLPG, in consultation together with the Department for Transport, and it has been the standard for the industry for over a decade. Only UKLPG Approved Autogas Installers receive official Government recognition.

What the public say:
The two main things that are essential when acquiring a car changed to LPG, the system as well as the Installation. On all accounts mintlpg have been a godsend; I have had several vehicles converted with LPG, always with Romano and I have not had a problem with dependability. mintLPGs installation looks the part and of course delivers. I would never hesitate to propose mintlpg to any individual wishing to get their car converted.'

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