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You have probably ended up on this page because you searched for "lpg car conversion". This site is all about LPG Conversions so please follow one of the links above or go to our home page

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"lpg car conversion " is quite a common phrase when researching the LPG Conversion industry and has been used in the following text replacing "LPG".

The sharp fluctuations in petrol prices cause to stimulate public and private drivers into shifting their own fuel use, with those powered by Autogas that's liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) having tripled within the last three years. There was a continuous increase in the quantity of taxi fleets converting to Autogas or LPG. Compared to petrol, taxi drivers profess they corner bigger take-home wages daily if their cars are powered by Autogas because this is the cheaper way. A large number of private motorists are having their cars changed to run on LPG and many businesses have their van fleets using LPG.

LPG refers to Liquefied petroleum Gas and it's a by-product of the petroleum business being manufactured during the refining of oil, or taken from oil or gas streams when they emerge from the ground. So while LPG does generate around 20% fewer pollutants than regular diesel and petrol run engines, it's still quite definitely a fossil fuel.

Climatic change is something that everybody understands nowadays, and that we can all do our bit to support. There are many more ways to help save our planet, too numerous to list here, but lets focus on LPG. Converting your vehicle to LPG is a very good step forwards, in environmental and monetary terms. The huge quantity of Co2, nitrous oxides and particulates engines toss out isn't good . 120 LPG run cars will produce exactly the same volume of particles as one similar diesel vehicle . LPG emits less than 50 % the NOx of petrol and less than one 20th the NOx of diesel. LPG emits 17% to twenty % less Carbon dioxide .

An LPG LPG Conversion [' lpg car conversion '] involves the installation of a fuel tank. The toroidal, or doughnut shaped, tank is normally found in the spare wheel well though some automobiles need cylindrical shaped tanks, installed either in a suitable location within the load space or underneath the automobile, subject to space and height clearance from the highway. Using pipes, the LPG fuel tank is connected along the underside of the automobile to the engine bay. The pipes are then attached to the engine. The main parts are the electronic control unit (ECU), vapouriser (that is coupled to the water system) and gas injectors manufactured by top rated manufacturers. The vapouriser turns the LPG fuel from a liquid into a gas before going to the engine. The injectors are mounted near the petrol injectors. A small combined switch and LPG fuel gauge is installed within the vehicle, usually situated on the dashboard. This is employed to change between two fuels as well as indicates the LPG level.

How can I get my car converted? It's strongly advised that you use an UKLPG approved installer so that the job is correctly handled. Like any specialized procedure, it is recommended to use an expert. With respect to the size of the vehicle and the sort of system, LPG Conversion [' lpg car conversion '] to LPG costs from approximately 900. Any UKLPG approved installer will be happy to supply you with a no obligation quotation. Gas tanks come in a selection of various sizes, and decrease in space is usually kept to a minimum by installing a doughnut-shaped tank into the spare wheel well.

What the public say:
'I got my Peugeot 307 converted by Mintlpg last year, I didn't quite know what to expect but throughout the last year I've easily made back the cost of the LPG Conversion [' lpg car conversion '] . And now it feels like I'm earning money!'

'I had my 4x4 converted - purely to reign in the fuel prices when pulling my horsebox, I almost feel like I'm cheating every time I refill at the petrol station.'

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