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"lpg car conversion " is quite a common phrase when researching the LPG Conversion industry and has been used in the following text replacing "LPG".

Britain's beleaguered drivers should steady themselves for long-term 'pain at the pumps' as petrol prices threaten to attain new record highs. After the price tag on petrol edged back towards its highest level of the year yesterday, the AA described the future of fuel prices as 'dread and uncertainty'. The strong pound suggested buying oil in bucks was cheaper and possessed 'shielded drivers and consumers in the worst of the market changes'. LPG is a greener cleaner and cheaper fuel for vehicles. You can save as many as 40% on your power costs and make a return on investment of over 100%.

LPG is a natural hydrocarbon fuel made up of propane and butane, and is an abundant by-product of the oil and gas industries. It also has the property of turning from gas to liquid if moderately compressed, meaning it can be easily stored as being a liquid and turned back to gas merely by relieving pressure. And since its 250 times denser as a liquid, considerable amount may be kept in a relatively small container. LPG was initially discovered in Pittsburgh USA by a Dr Walter Snellings on account of a complaint. The complainant said that any time a gallon of petrol was bought it was virtually half a gallon when he got it home. Dr Snellings started investigate. He discovered the evaporating vapours were propane, butane and other hydrocarbons

Pollution caused by the combustion of liquid and solid fuels is really a cause of particular concern all over the world. This is particularly apparent in towns, where pollution continues to take an unacceptable toll on human well being. The LPG companies are particularly very proud of LPG's status as a genuinely environmentally friendly energy source. In comparison with their liquid and solid fuel counterparts, gaseous fuels like LPG generate extremely low levels of pollutant emissions, which makes them an excellent options for meeting energy needs without compromising air quality. Moreover, LPG doesn't suffer from significant fugitive pollution levels during storage or distribution and is, in any case, not damaging to the environment or human health.

All LPG equipment is chosen for the efficiency, reliability and value for money. Most equipment is Italian, a country which has been at the forefront of LPG Conversion [' lpg car conversion '] for the past 3 decades. Autogas systems may be assembled for any range of vehicles with numerous tank measurements and combinations to match individual needs. The kits come with precisely what is required for the LPG Conversion [' lpg car conversion '] , including a extensive fitting guide. Each LPG kit is supplied with a means to set up the system after the installation. This ranges from simple technical information, small handheld testers, to computer software on the most advanced systems.

Just how much will the LPG Conversion [' lpg car conversion '] set me back? It is from about 900 for your car or a light van dependant upon the quantity of cylinders inside motor.The expense may also vary in line with the dimensions of the LPG tank fitted. The larger the tank the higher the range between filling. Usually the mileage which might be traveled on a full tank of LPG will be lower than on petrol so you may have to refill more often, however, you will be saving money each time. And, needless to say, the petrol tank will likely be left in place so petrol can be used for emergencies or utilizing the petrol the mileage range of the automobile could be significantly enhanced.

What the public write:
While using Romano system fitted it's impossible to tell any difference in performance of the vehicle. It has performed faultless in the time installed. The only area I've notice a difference is on the wallet! The back-up mintLPG offered continues to be second to none. I've recommend them to a number of other American motorists who have now had there cars converted and now experienced the same degree of service as I have.'

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