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"lpg car conversions " is quite a common phrase when researching the LPG Conversion industry and has been used in the following text replacing "LPG".

LPG is big info. Demand dropped off after the withdrawal of Government-sponsored Powershift funds, but installation companies are reporting massive interest together with record sales. Which is not very surprising considering that Autogas is about 70p a litre. Installation firms may very well be doing the business, nevertheless used car market has yet to cotton on, and converted vehicles continue to be cheaper than they must be. Shrewd buys include factory LPG Conversions [' lpg car conversions '] done in the mid-90s by Vauxhall, Volvo, Daewoo and Ford. Now is the time to make the leap - pundits predict prices of used LPG-powered vehicles could rise by up to 50 per cent once the market catches on to the benefits of half price fuel.

LPG is a natural hydrocarbon fuel comprised of propane and butane, and it's a plentiful by-product from the oil and gas industries. Additionally, it has got the property of turning from gas to liquid if moderately compressed, meaning it can be easily stored as a liquid and turned into gas simply by relieving pressure. Furthermore, as it's 250 times denser as a liquid, a great deal may be kept in a somewhat small container. LPG was initially discovered in Pittsburgh USA by a Dr Walter Snellings as a result of a complaint. The complainant declared that every time a gallon of petrol was purchased it was virtually half a gallon when he started using it. Dr Snellings started investigate. He discovered the evaporating vapours were propane, butane and other hydrocarbons

Pollution caused by the combustion of liquid and solid fuels is really a cause of particular concern all over the world. This is particularly apparent in cities, where pollution carries on take an unacceptable toll on human well being. The LPG companies are particularly pleased with LPG's status as a genuinely eco-friendly energy source. Compared to their liquid and solid fuel counterparts, gaseous fuels like LPG generate extremely lower levels of pollutant emissions, causing them to be a perfect way of meeting energy needs without compromising quality of air. Moreover, LPG does not have problems with significant fugitive pollution levels during storage or distribution and it's, regardless, not harmful to the earth or human health.

Over the last years, the technology of car-electronics and also petrol powered engines have changed at high-speed. Contemporary petrol engines come with a sequential multipoint petrol-injection system that operates together through a CAN-bus system using the electronics of the car.The answer of Romano to those technical changes is definitely the Romano RISN system. It is a high-tech multipoint sequential in-line LPG injection system. The unit has been manufactured by Romano during a Six year interval.The RISN system guarantees optimal motor performance along with a constant low emissions reading, in combination with a very advantageous price. The newest Romano injection system is one of the few kits currently on the market which is capable of communicate without any problems with the computers of the EURO-4 engines. Definite innovation are the new quiet LPG-injectors.

UKLPG Approved Autogas Installers provide consumers with the assurance that they undertake a LPG Conversion [' lpg car conversions '] in a safe and satisfactory manner. UKLPG operates quality assurance spot inspections on customers' vehicles which have been converted, and a full procedure for dealing with grievances.Approval for UKLPG Approved Autogas Installers (formerly the UKLPG Approved Installer Scheme) is operated by UKLPG and it has been drafted in consultation with the Department for Transport. The scheme is definitely the only such scheme given official government recognition.

What customers think:
'So far I can state that I can detect simply no difference in performance whether running on gas or petrol. it becomes impossible to know which fuel youíre running on if it werenít for the gauge. Canít say much about reliability yet as itís only been on for a month, but have total confidence that the system fitted is of the greatest standard. ď

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