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"lpg cars " is quite a common phrase when researching the LPG Conversion industry and has been used in the following text replacing "LPG".

Vehicle drivers are queuing up to have their motors converted to Autogas fuel as the cost of petrol soars. About 200 specialist garages that do the three day LPG Conversions, costing from £850 a time, are flooded with work with the quantity of vehicles being converted doubling since the start of the year. Up to 150, 000 motors are powered with the clean-burning fuel, which is 73p a litre next to unleaded at £1.26 per litre. In just 10 years the quantity of Liquid Petroleum Gas cars has shot up from 3, 500 to over 150, 000. The UKLPG said: 'We are currently witnessing unbelievable levels of demand for LPG Conversions [' lpg cars '] . ' A motorist driving 10, 000 miles a year will recoup the cost in the first year.

Liquefied petroleum gas ( otherwise known as LPG, GPL, LP Gas, or liquid propane gas) is a flammable combination of hydrocarbon gases used for a fuel in heating appliances and vehicles. It is increasingly used for an aerosol propellant and a refrigerant, replacing chlorofluorocarbons in an attempt to reduce damage to the ozone layer. When specifically used for a vehicle fuel it is usually called Autogas.

Pollution caused by the burning of liquid and solid fuels is really a source of particular concern worldwide. This is particularly apparent in urban areas, where pollution carries on take an undesirable toll on human well being. The LPG industry is particularly proud of LPG's status as a genuinely environmentally friendly source of energy. When compared with their liquid and solid fuel counterparts, gaseous fuels such as LPG generate extremely lower levels of pollutant emissions, which makes them a perfect means of meeting energy needs without diminishing quality of air. Moreover, LPG does not suffer from significant fugitive pollution levels during storage or distribution and is, regardless, not damaging to the environment or human health.

During the last years, the technology of car-electronics and also petrol powered engines have changed at high speed. Contemporary petrol engines come with a sequential multipoint petrol-injection system that works together via a CAN-bus system using the electronics of the car.The solution of Romano to those technical changes is definitely the Romano RISN system. This is a high-tech multipoint sequential in-line LPG injection system. The system has been manufactured by Romano throughout a 6 year interval.The RISN system guarantees optimal engine performance and a constant low emissions reading, in conjunction with an extremely advantageous price. The new Romano injection product is one of the few kits presently on the market that's capable of connect without having problems with the computers on the EURO-4 engines. Definite innovation would be the new noiseless LPG-injectors.

UKLPG Approved Autogas Installers offer consumers with the assurance that they can undertake a LPG Conversion [' lpg cars '] in a safe and satisfactory manner. UKLPG operates quality assurance spot checks on customers' vehicles that have been converted, and a full procedure for dealing with complaints.Approval for UKLPG Approved Autogas Installers (formerly the UKLPG Approved Installer Scheme) is operated by UKLPG and has been drafted in consultation together with the Department for Transport. The scheme is definitely the only such scheme given official government recognition.

What the public comment:
There's two things that are important when buying a car converted to LPG, the system as well as the Installation. On all accounts mintlpg are a godsend; I've had several cars converted with LPG, always with Romano and I have not had a problem with reliability. mintLPG’s installation looks the part and definitely delivers. I would never hesitate to recommend mintlpg to any person desiring to acquire a car converted.'

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