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You have probably ended up on this page because you searched for "lpg conversion kit". This site is all about LPG Conversions so please follow one of the links above or go to our home page

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"lpg conversion kit " is quite a common phrase when researching the LPG Conversion industry and has been used in the following text replacing "LPG".

Britain's beleaguered motorists should steady themselves for long-term 'pain in the pumps' as petrol costs threaten to arrive at new record highs. After the price tag on fuel edged back towards its highest level of the year yesterday, the AA described the future of fuel prices since 'dread and uncertainty'. The strong pound suggested buying oil in bucks was cheaper and experienced 'shielded drivers and consumers from the worst of the market changes'. Autogas is a greener cleaner and inexpensive fuel for vehicles. You can save around 40% on your petrol costs and make a roi of over 100%.

LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is really a combination of gaseous hydrocarbons, made out of natural gas and oil extraction (66%) and from oil refining (34%). As an associated gas, it is automatically generated throughout the manufacture of methane and through the refining process itself. If LPG wasnt captured at this point, it might end up being destroyed through flaring or venting, an undesirable waste of an immediately available and exceptional energy source

Climatic change is one area that everybody is aware of nowadays, and that we can all do our bit to support. There are lots of alternative ideas to help save our world, too numerous to list here, but lets give attention to LPG. Converting your car to LPG is a very good step forwards, in environmental and monetary terms. The massive amount of Co2, nitrous oxides and particulates engines toss out isn't good . 120 LPG run cars will emit exactly the same amount of particulates as one comparable diesel car . LPG emits less than 50 % the NOx of petrol and less than one 20th the NOx of diesel. LPG gives off 17% to 20 % less Carbon dioxide .

The past decade or so have seen some big alterations in the united kingdom LPG Conversion [' lpg conversion kit '] industry. Single point (mixer) systems are now hardly ever used and reserved for old pre multi-point petrol injection cars. With the influx of eastern European immigrants there have been a corresponding influx of LPG injection systems from those countries. As a result where there was less than ten kits from which to select now the choice is probably more than 30. Beneficial to the final user for the reason that the competition forces the price tag down but not so good because the individual installers who chase the cheaper kits don't build expertise in any particular system.

UKLPG Approved Autogas Installers provide consumers with the assurance that they can undertake a LPG Conversion [' lpg conversion kit '] in a safe and satisfactory manner. UKLPG operates quality assurance spot inspections on customers' vehicles which have been converted, along with a full process of coping with complaints. The approval process was established in 1999, by the then UKLPG, in discussion with the Department for Transport, and it has been the standard for the industry for over a ten years. Only UKLPG Approved Autogas Installers receive official Government recognition.

What customers comment:
'My Range Rover 4.4 V8 was accomplishing 11MPG!! Around town and more to the issue I spent more time in petrol stations than I did using the car. I had been informed by a buddy at my gym that these cars were now being frequently converted to LPG, I thought that I would explore it, and after performing a search on the internet I discovered a relatively local garage. I gave them a call and found out prices and whether I'd actually save any money. I used the savings calculator on the site and worked out I might save almost 3k on Fuel a yr! I had the LPG Conversion [' lpg conversion kit '] carried out and the automobile runs exactly the same just with no empty pockets.

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