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"lpg conversion " is quite a common phrase when researching the LPG Conversion industry and has been used in the following text replacing "LPG".

LPG is big current information. Interest dropped off following the withdrawal of Government-sponsored Powershift grants, but installation businesses are reporting massive interest and record sales. Which is hardly surprising given that Autogas is about 70p per litre. Installation firms may very well be doing the business, nevertheless used vehicle market has nevertheless to cotton on, and converted motors are nevertheless cheaper than they should be. Shrewd buys include factory LPG Conversions [' lpg conversion '] done in the mid-90s by Vauxhall, Volvo, Daewoo and Ford. Now is the time to take the plunge - pundits predict selling prices of used LPG-powered vehicles could rise by up to 50 per cent in the event the market catches the benefits of half price fuel.

Chemically, LPG is a combination of two flammable gases called propane gas and butane they are both hydrocarbons like oil. Autogas is 80% propane and 20% butane as well as minor amounts of other gases. Since LPG is usually odourless, small amounts of a smelly gas is put intoit to help people smell potentially dangerous gas leaks.

LPG burns cleaner than gasoline because of smaller molecules, which ends up in a cut in pollutants including carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, nitric oxides and particulates (soot).Reported by impartial pan European tests carried out in 2003, LPG cars emit 20 % less carbon dioxide compared to those powered by petrol. The quantity of nitric oxides produced by 20 LPG cars is the same as just one diesel-powered car. It produces 90 per cent less particulates (soot) when compared to a diesel engine. The soot from diesel cars leads to over 20,000 premature deaths a year. Noise pollution is reduced as LPG powered motors are less noisy than diesel ones.

During the last years, the technology of car-electronics and of petrol powered engines have changed at high-speed. Contemporary petrol engines come with a sequential multipoint petrol-injection system that operates together through a CAN-bus system with the electronics of the car.The solution of Romano to these technical changes is definitely the Romano RISN system. It is a high-tech multipoint sequential in-line LPG injection system. The unit has been developed by Romano throughout a Six year period.The RISN system guarantees ideal motor performance and a consistent low emissions reading, in conjunction with a very advantageous price. The newest Romano injection system is one of the few kits presently on the market which is able to communicate without having problems with the computers of the EURO-4 engines. Definite innovation would be the new quiet LPG-injectors.

The whole process of LPG Conversion [' lpg conversion '] is straightforward but should be performed by an UKLPG-approved garage. All approved installers must ensure the correct system are used for your car and should carry out a LPG Conversion [' lpg conversion '] in accordance with safety, environmental impact, reliability and value for money. You will have to have significant space for any LPG tank - which are often fitted into the boot of the vehicle, sometimes in the spare wheel well. The dashboards will likely be fitted with a device allowing you to change between LPG and petroleum, while the refueling point will probably be placed near the existing petroleum refueling point. There are numerous UKLPG approved LPG Conversion [' lpg conversion '] centres at garages all over the UK.

What people write:
More than happy overall with all the installation everything was clearly showed me and also the Installation is extremely neat and expertly done. mintLPG are exceptional in solving an initial small problem, and, because of their experience with this engine, knew the cause of a decrease in performance, which was absolutely nothing to do with the LPG Conversion [' lpg conversion '] , before the main Mercedes Benz dealer did! Am getting an overall equivalent of approx. 36-38 m.p.g good for a 360bhp, 5.4 litre engine. '

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