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You have probably ended up on this page because you searched for "lpg systems". This site is all about LPG Conversions so please follow one of the links above or go to our home page

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"lpg systems " is quite a common phrase when researching the LPG Conversion industry and has been used in the following text replacing "LPG".

WHEN IT comes to save your money on fuel and cutting carbon emissions there are alternatives to over rated electric and hybrid options. In the rush of development producing electric vehicles, tried and trusted autogas power has been left behind during the rush for new technological know-how. Running you car on LPG ends in a slight loss associated with power and 10% reduction in mpg. However with the fuel cost savings, the running costs are about 40% less than on petrol. There is nothing complicated about LPG fuel operation and only very slight differences within performance between petrol and LPG that go basically unnoticed, although LPG running is actually slightly quieter.

An LPG Conversion [' lpg systems '] works in much the same way as a normal petrol engine, simply with a different fuel. Everything about your vehicle continues to be same but an independent fuelling system is added having its own tank, piping, ECU and injectors.

Pollution resulting from the combustion of liquid and solid fuels is a source of particular worry around the globe. This is particularly apparent in cities, where pollution carries on take an unacceptable toll on human well being. The LPG industry is particularly proud of LPG's status for a genuinely eco-friendly source of energy. Compared to their liquid and solid fuel counterparts, gaseous fuels such as LPG generate extremely lower levels of pollutant emissions, causing them to be a perfect means of meeting energy needs without diminishing air quality. Moreover, LPG doesn't suffer from significant fugitive pollution levels during storage or distribution and is, regardless, not damaging to the environment or human health.

The last ten years or so have seen some big changes in the united kingdom LPG Conversion [' lpg systems '] business. Single point (mixer) systems are now hardly ever used and reserved for old pre multi-point petrol injection cars. With the influx of eastern European immigrants there has been a matching influx of LPG injection kits from those countries. The result is that where there was under ten kits to choose from now the choice is probably more than Thirty. Great for the end user for the reason that the competition forces the price tag down and not so great in that the individual installers who chase the least expensive kits do not build knowledge of any particular kit.

The whole process of LPG Conversion [' lpg systems '] is not difficult but should really be done by an UKLPG-approved garage. All approved installers must be sure the right technique are used for your car and should complete a LPG Conversion [' lpg systems '] in accordance with safety, environmental impact, dependability and value for money. You must have significant space for any LPG tank - which is often fitted into the boot of the vehicle, sometimes in the spare wheel well. The dashboards will likely be fitted with a device permitting you to change between LPG and petroleum, while the refueling point will be placed near the existing petroleum refueling point. There are plenty of UKLPG approved LPG Conversion [' lpg systems '] centres at garages across the UK.

What people think:
While using Romano system fitted it really is impossible to tell any change in operation of the car. It has performed faultless in the time fitted. The sole area I've notice a difference is on the wallet! The back-up mintLPG offered continues to be second to none. I've recommend them to a number of other American car owners who have now had there cars converted and already experienced exactly the same degree of service as I have.'

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